CXSports is completely revolutionizing the way fans can support teams

We have developed a platform where fans anywhere in the world can meaningfully support the teams they love.

How does CXSports Fan Support work?

A fan who wants to support their team can decide to back them on CXSports through a network of affiliated sites, without any effort required!

The fan needs only activate the browser-compatible affiliates extension and selects the team he or she wants to support.

All they need to do is visit any of CXSports trusted merchant partners’ e-commerce websites and begin shopping!

Every time the fan makes an online purchase, a percentage of each transaction will be credited to the selected team to add to their war chest! With no additional cost to the fan!

In order to fund the ongoing marketing efforts on behalf of CXSports for local teams everywhere, a small portion is kept by the platform, which also covers 100% of operating costs. So it’s all free for the teams!

The revenue is then used to power CXSports’s marketing efforts, driving new fans to the team, and the cycle continues!

You can choose to support your team by using our browser extension—it’s that easy:

Step 1

Install and activate CXSports Fan Support browser extension.

Step 2

Confirm Installation

Step 3

Choose the team you want to support.

Step 4

When you visit the website of one of our partners, the extension will ask you to confirm you want to support the team. Confirm and carry on with your shopping, knowing you will also be supporting your team!

Step 5

A percentage of each of your transactions will then be given to the team you want to support. At no cost to you or the team!

No downloads required

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.